台塑集團獲國際組織Ethecon頒發「黑星球獎」,石化亡國、危害地球! The international negative award „Black Planet Award 2009“ goes to family Wang, Lee Chih-tsuen, and other executives of the multinational chemistry company FORMOSA PLASTICS GROUP/Taiwan.


台塑德州廠Formosa Plastics Corp., Texas危害事件簿


While other chemical companies are reducing their production related wastes, from 1991 to 1996 the total production related waste at the Point Comfort Plant increased 195%. An analysis by the Sierra Club in the mid-1990's found that the Point Comfort, Texas Formosa Plastics plant was the worst among about a dozen Texas PVC-related facilities in terms of 1) total state/federal air pollution violations and 2) total state/federal environmental fines.
Formosa's $1.3 billion plan for expansion on Lavaca Bay in 1993 allowed for the daily dumping of 15 million gallons of wastewater into the bay. The permit granted by the Environmental Protection Agency was met by protests from environmentalists and those with stakes in the fishing industry. The Calhoun County Resource Watch filed in civil court for an injunction against the state's permit and cited Formosa's repeated fines for illegal discharges as evidence of the company's disregard for restrictions on dumping. Opponents to the plant, led by Calhoun County Resource Watch under Diane Wilson, believed that the wastewater would permanently end the oyster and shrimp industries of Lavaca Bay.19 In March of 1994, Lavaca Bay shrimper and environmental activist Diane Wilson planned to sink her boat to protest the $1.3 billion expansion of Formosa Plastics Corporation and its discharge of 15 million gallons per day of waste water. Her efforts were thwarted by the Coast Guard. Wilson did not believe Formosa's claims that their new "state of the art" facility would not damage Lavaca Bay and its $140 million shrimp and fish industry. She also went on a hunger-strike to protest the expansion of the Point Comfort plant.

An explosion at the Formosa Plastics Corporation plant in Point Comfort Texas in December 1998 injured 26 workers and rattled windows 35 miles away. The blast occurred in the ethylene dichloride section of the eight-plant complex, where polyvinyl chloride resin is used to make surgical gloves, siding material, and automotive upholstery.21 Another ethylene dichloride accident occurred in July of 1997 when two workers were found in a chemical container of the substance, apparently killed by asphyxiation, aboard the Formosa Plastics Marine Corp. tanker.22
The Formosa Plastics Propylene Explosion was a propylene release and explosion that occurred on October 6, 2005, in the Olefins II Unit at the Formosa Plastics plant in Point Comfort, Texas, USA. The subsequent fire burned for five days.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) found that Formosa Plastics had committed one willful violation of "failure to provide employees with flame resistant clothing for protection against flash fire hazards". OSHA also cited Formosa for 13 other violations and fined the company $148,000.

Source: FORMOSA PLASTICS - A Briefing Paper on Waste, Safety and Financial Issues
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The company was also hit with a $244,700 fine by the Texas Water Commission in May 1990 for 54 water quality violations between 1986-1989.
$244,700 fine

The company was assessed a record $3.37 million dollar penalty by the E.P.A. for hazardous waste violations related to the discovery of massively contaminated groundwater under the facility. Alleged violations included failures to comply with the most rudimentary hazardous waste regulations -- such as storing waste in leaking containers, lack of adequate employee training, and illegal discharges of waste.
$3.37 million dollar penalty

In 1992 the Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined Formosa $330,000 for safety violations in the Point Comfort plant. An OSHA inspection found that vinyl chloride levels were not monitored, flammable liquids were not handled properly, and general procedure for maintenance and repair were not followed. Sixty-two violations were filed, three of which fell under the category of "willful".


台塑公司位於德州海岸的一間化學工廠爆炸起火,造成二十六人輕傷.台塑公司說,康佛角化學廠的一個醫療小組已對傷者施以緊急救護,隨後送往當地醫院. 爆炸發生今天早上八時四十五分,地點為二氯化乙烯EDC廠房後方.台塑公司說,爆炸的原因出在二氯化乙烯槽或是連接它的管線.大火於十一時左右撲滅. 台塑公司的空氣監測器顯示,二氯化乙烯對員工的標準遠在職業安全和衛生行政標準之下. 台塑公司的康佛角化學廠的化學安全和危害調查委員會表示,將徹查這起意外事件. Formosa Plastics officials said Thursday that the explosion and fire at the company's chlor-alkali plant at Point Comfort, Texas was centred in a crude ethylene dichloride (EDC) tank.
中國時報1998.12.06「台塑美德洲廠爆炸 26人輕傷 公司正了解災情 目前未造成生產線停頓 不致影響擴建計畫」
ICIS NEWS:Formosa Texas blast occurred in EDC tank

台塑德州廠區於2005年10月6日因人為疏失引發爆炸,整整延燒5天,停工5個月。火災燃燒高度超過500英呎,並有17名員工受到輕重傷。由於爆炸發生的廠房存放大量「聚氯乙烯」等易燃化學原料,造成警消當局在爆炸後立即撤離鄰近工廠的一間小學師生,附近居民也有1,000人自願性疏散,附近35號公路一度封閉,直到晚間才重新開放。 A forklift towing a trailer collided with a line containing highly flammable liquid propylene, causing a release and a vapor cloud explosion. Sixteen workers were injured, the process unit was heavily damaged, and a nearby school was evacuated. Witnesses reported at least three blasts around 3:30 p.m. in an area of the sprawling 1,800-acre Formosa complex known as the Olefins 2 unit, where the building blocks of plastics are made, said Patrick Pastuck, a spokesman at the company's Livingston, N.J., headquarters. The plant, Formosa's largest, employs about 1,500 people, Pastuck said. The cause of the explosions and fire was unknown. A company spokesman on the scene, Jim Shephard, said damage to the unit was severe. Officials had ordered residents in the surrounding area to stay indoors and avoid the smoke. About 50 students still inside an elementary school across the street from the plant were transferred to another school in Port Lavaca.

環保局在德州台塑工廠發現眾多「重度」違反氣體外洩監測及處理善後的情況,以及違法處理有毒廢棄物及違法排放廢水。2009年9月29日美國司法部判決台塑需支付1300萬美元和解金,包括1000萬美元用於污染控制,以及280萬美元違法罰鍰。 Formosa Plastics Corp., Texas, and Formosa Plastics Corp., Louisiana, will spend more than $10 million on pollution controls to address air, water, and hazardous waste violations at two petrochemical plants in Point Comfort, Texas, and Baton Rouge, La., the Justice Department and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced today. The companies also have agreed to pay a civil penalty of $2.8 million to resolve violations under the Clean Air Act (CAA), Clean Water Act (CWA), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA).



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